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Ready Mix Concrete Surrey and London

Calculate how much concrete you need with our free, easy to use concrete volume calculator.


Please select the appropriate units and then enter your measurements in those units. If desired, you may use different units for each dimension.


The result is always given in cubic metres.


Remember that a major advantage of ordering your ready-mix concrete from Rapid Ready Mix is that as the concrete is mixed on site it is not necessary to calculate your exact requirement - we will mix the exact amount need - no more and no less!

Some facts
One cubic metre of concrete weighs about 2.4 tonnes
One cubic metre of concrete will fill about 16 standard wheelbarrows



I contacted numerous concrete companies and Rapid Readymix was the first to respond in relation to my enquiry about the specification of the mix I required! I received knowledgeable, professional advice and the promise of state of the art machinery!